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The Portia Learning Centre uses a inter-disciplinary approach in providing  IBI (intensive behaviour intervention) / ABA (applied behaviour analysis) for the treatment of autism, developmental delays and disorders. We have ABA centres in Ottawa, Kanata and Durham (Whitby РToronto) and provide worldwide consultative services.

We believe that every individual can reach his or her full potential by learning through motivation. The key focus of our ABA program is finding what is fun for the learner and using that activity to teach each new skill. Our comprehensive early intervention program teaches the core elements of socialization, communication, play skill, academic skill and many other skills necessary to succeed in school and the community.

Parent involvement is the cornerstone of our program and involves increasing interaction with your child as well as learning important techniques to maximize learning in the home and the community and ensure generalization. Parents are provided with hands on training in the home, opportunities to observe live sessions, participate in workshops and attend monthly progress meetings. Working together with parents, educators and professionals in all areas of the child’s life we continuously strive to enable a better future for our children.

Our comprehensive treatment program follows a developmental curriculum for children of all ages starting at 6 months. Skills are assessed and a curriculum is developed with a focus on communication (conversation, joint attention, requesting, etc.) as well as other skill areas including; socialization, visual skills, academics, etc.

Our team includes Behaviour Analysts (Senior Therapists), Therapists, Speech and Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Psychologists and Physiotherapists.

We employ a continuous improvement model for both ourselves and the Learner’s programs; where required, incremental changes to a program are made on a daily basis. These changes are always based upon sound evidence based practices and leading research principles. Our team is well versed in established and emerging treatment options for ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder).

We are very involved in our communities, collaborating with both Autism Speaks and Autism Ontario. Partnerships with our local colleges and universities have also brought great success stories to our families as we have been able to offer free sessions with a student placement.

Portia is currently working in conjunction with Queen’s University on a Case Study on early intervention for infants with red flags for Autism Spectrum Disorder.

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A Word from Charlene Gervais, M.ADS, BCBA Director of Operations

The Canadian National Autism Foundation has generously supported our Research Project “Parent – mediated intervention for the behaviour and development of infants at risk for autism spectrum disorder”. For information on CNAF click here.