The Portia Learning Centre’s centralized, multi-disciplinary team has almost two decades of experience working closely with families and our community. Your loved-one’s progress and success is our top priority.

Our customized clinical services, groups and workshops for clients and families, are designed and delivered by our knowledgeable, passionate, expert team of therapists. They are driven to continually upgrade their skills and to stay up to date on the latest research. Our teams are experienced in Verbal Behaviour, PRT (Pivotal Response Training), Floortime/DIR, ESDM (Early Start Denver Model), Lovaas, and are well-versed in the current research and evidence-based trends of ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis).

Our Team


Karen McArthur
President and CEO


Charlene Gervais, M.ADS, BCBA
Director of Operations & Clinical Director
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Kim Moore, M.ADS, BCBA
Vice President, Clinical Services
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Natalia Bravo
Business Manager

Kim Bennett

Kim Bennett,  M.Cl.Sc., Reg. CASLPO, SLP(C).
Speech and Language Pathologist


Kari Bennett, MPEd, BCBA
Senior Therapist

Shelley Brown

Shelley Brown, B.A., BCaBA
Senior Therapist

Margherita Curcio, B.A.
Senior Therapist

Pam Giles
Clinical Coordinator

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Robyn Golding
Clinical Coordinator

Teesha Greydanus
Senior Therapist

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Kristy Hunt, B.A., BCaBA
Senior Therapist


Aley Jotham, M.A., BCBA
Senior Therapist


Shannon LeBlanc, B.A., BCaBA
Senior Therapist

Brandie Macintosh

Brandie Macintosh
Senior Therapist


Mandy Noel
Senior Therapist

Meredith Rush-Inglis
Senior Therapist

Dr. Gillian Bevan, Ph.D., C. Psych.